Serious Case Review

SCR Child C

Message from Ian Winter CBE, Safeguarding Children Board Chair:

“This report was commissioned, and is now published, in accordance with Working Together 2015.

However it is much more than that.  The events of Child C’s death are tragic and distressing.  The particular circumstances have inevitably touched many people and the publication of this report may well remind them of the awful events.

The only fitting tribute to Child C can be the determination of all staff and managers who face difficult dilemmas, complex choices and sometimes hostile challenges to learn and develop from such a tragedy.  This is our commitment.  Staff at the top of the organisations concerned and workers throughout those organisations accept both a duty and responsibility to share in learning and development.

My commitment is to ensure that this is done and where changes can be made then this will happen.

Ian Winter CBE

Independent Chair”

SCR Overview Report – Child C

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Serious Case Review

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